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Karaoke Project

Here's a little project which I have done for a friend. He runs a karaoke business and needed some stands for his monitors! The first idea was to make some boxes which he could store leads etc in and double up as monitor stands, but things got a bit out of hand! After making the boxes we decided to fix and wire the monitors in to save setting up time. Then it was decided to add monitor speakers in the lower section to add some weight to the base.

After seeing the boxes at an event we came up with a plan to install some lighting and drill 200 holes in the front of each and wired up an LED starlight type front panel. Next was some back lighting and a woofer/tweeter to give a full range sound!

There is a small area at the front at the tp to install a neon name sign at some point as well.

The final part of the project is to carpet the boxes, but as they are already out on the road I will need to wait before doing it.

The monitor speaker is at the moment just a 100 watt 12 inch speaker, but might get upgraded at some point.