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15 inch bass cab

15 inch Bass Cabs

This project started because I wanted to buy a pair of Yamaha Bass Bins, but didn't have enough money! I found a pair of speakers on ebay with roughly the correct measurements and popped a sneaky bid on. I won the pair for just 99p and drove an hours drive to collect them. Sadly one of them had been blown and had the front smashed and had been badly repaired with metal brackets and the other had a bad case of damp in the base.

The first thing I did was to bin the blown speaker and stuck the other one on ebay again. The £40 I got for it has gone towards the replacement wood, glue, carpet, tophats, feet etc to finish the project. 

Both fronts were cut out and new ones made with flooring grade chipboard. As I wanted just bass bins, I did not bother to cut holes for the tweeters!

Next was the tricky job of replacing the base of the rotten speaker which again is now made of flooring grade chipboard.

Two new Celestion 15 inch woofers were fitted to bass crossovers (these cost no money as they had been stored in my shed since the mid 80's).

I managed to save all the hardware and only need to buy some screws, grills and new carpet.

I still need to buy some grills and install the carpet, but will have to wait a day or so until I get some spare time and money.

The final stage of these speakers is here as I have enough money in the paypal account to buy some carpet and grills. Photos to follow towards the end of the week.

Finally both speakers are finished and sporting rather lovely retro-speaker name badges.

Costing of project: Cabinets = 99p on ebay, Cones = Free from previous project, Carpet = £20, Grills = £14, Spray glue x 2 = £8, Badges = £3, Tophats = Free from previous project. Wood = £5. I sold the cones which came with the cabs for £40 so the whole project has paid for itself apart from the many hours of labour!